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Campus Library FAQ: How do I search in Gale eBooks?

Frequently asked questions at the UWB/CC Campus Library

How do I search in Gale eBooks?

A short tutorial on how to find background information using Gale eBooks.

1. From the Campus Library home page, select the "Research" menu. From that menu, select "Encyclopedias & Dictionaries".
                            image of library homepage with "research" menu and "encyclopedias" subpage selected


2. Find the link to Gale eBooks under the "Encyclopedias" heading on the Encyclopedias & Dictionaries page. Select the link. Note: If you are accessing from off-campus, you will be prompted for your UW NetID when you click the Gale eBooks link.
image of "encyclopedias & dictionaries" page with Gale eBooks highlighted in the top left corner


3. Once you've arrived at Gale eBooks, navigate to the Search box and type in a keyword relevant to your topic. image of Gale eBooks basic search

Each search result will provide the titles from the article as well as the encyclopedia that the article comes from. You may want to choose an article based on what subject the encyclopedia covers.image of search results list in Gale eBooks with article titles and encyclopedia titles highlighted


4. If you are searching a broad topic, you can use the menus under "Filter Your Results" (in the top right corner of the page) to refine your search by categories like "Subjects", "Publication Title", "Publication Languages", and more.image of Gale eBooks "filter your results" function above the search results list


5. Once you've found an interesting article, click the article title to read the full text.image of example Gale eBooks article full text


6. At the end of the article's text, you will often find further readings on the topic, like "See Also" or "Bibliography", and you can search for the bibliography citations in UW Libraries Search.image of Gale eBooks article "bibliography" and "see also" features


7. Check the document tools in the top toolbar for options to send or download the article as well as to generate a citation for the article. If you do generate a citation, it's always good practice to confirm its accuracy with a citation style guide. image of Gale eBooks document tools, including "cite", "send to", "download", "print", and "get link" features



If you have any trouble or need help using Gale eBooks, contact the library for help!


Watch the video tutorial, "How do I search in Gale eBooks?" (00:02:19)