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Campus Library FAQ: How do I access the Odegaard Undergraduate Library at UW Seattle?

Frequently asked questions at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Accessing OUGL during UW-only hours

Currently the Odegaard Undergraduate Library (OUGL) is open to UW and Cascadia only. 

  • A current, valid husky card will be required for entry.
  • Cascadia students CAN access Odegaard Library. You will need have your student ID card with you to enter the library. If the doors are locked, you are encouraged to knock and staff who are stationed near the front doors can open the doors for you and verify your enrollment status. You can also call ahead to 206-543-2990 to let Odegaard staff know to expect you during UW-Only hours.

University of Washington Husky CardCascadia College Student ID Card