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Campus Library FAQ: How do I limit searches to UWB/CC Library?

Frequently asked questions at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Limiting searches to UWB/CC Library

UW Libraries has 16 different libraries on 3 separate campuses. UW Libraries also closely shares resources with other Summit libraries. When searching with UW Libraries Search, you can limit your search to certain branches and collections.

1. Start by locating the UW Libraries Search tool on the Campus Library's home page.
Type a topic or title into the search bar. Then click "Search."

UW Libraries Search Box

2. Once on the results page, you can specify a location from the drop down menu by clicking "Articles, Books, and More" in the search bar.
UW Bothell/CC Library drop-down

The default search option is " Articles, Books, and More" -- including materials that may go beyond the UW Libraries' 16 locations.

Other listed locations/collections are:

  • UW Libraries + Summit: Searchings not only all UW Libraries, but also items available at libraries around Washington, Oregon, and Idaho with whom UW has partnerships. Cascadia students are eligible for non-UW owned materials for a fee.
  • UW Libraries: Searches all UW Libraries locations including UW Bothell/CC and UW Tacoma.
  • Gallagher Law Library: Searches UW Libraries Law branch
  • UW Bothell/CCC Library: Searches UW Bothell & Cascadia College
  • UW Tacoma Library: Searches UW Tacoma
  • UW Special Collections: Searches UW Libraries rare/archival materials

3. Select the desired location or collection and click, "Search."

Note: You may also use the "Library" filter on the left side of the results page to narrow to a specific UW Libraries location. 

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