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Campus Library FAQ: How do I use quick citation generators?

Frequently asked questions at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Quick-Cite Tools in Databases

Many library databases and Google Scholar provide citation tools to help you quickly cut and paste citations in popular formats.

Remember to check citations for accuracy before including them in your work.

Example 1: Quick Citations in UW Libraries Search

You can get a citation for an individual item in UW Libraries Search in formats like MLA, APA, Chicago and more.

Click on citation, choose your citation style, and click on copy the citation to clipboard.

citation button on UW Libraries Search

Example 2: Quick Citations in EBSCO databases

In EBSCO databases like Academic Search Complete, Historical Abstracts, and PsycINFO, the Cite button provides citations in 7 styles:

Example 3: Quick Citations in Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides a Cite feature too, with citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago N&B: