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Campus Library FAQ: How do I request a book/article that is unavailable?

Frequently asked questions at the UWB/CC Campus Library

Requesting material from another library

When using UW Libraries Search, it is possible that you'll find a book or article that is unavailable. If this happens, you can request the item and obtain access within a matter of days, thanks to our partnerships with other "Summit" libraries around the region, and with libraries around the world!

Cascadia College: Interlibrary Loan provides fee-based services for Cascadia College students, faculty, and staff. For more information contact a librarian or go the Requesting information page for Cascadia College.

1. When an item is unavailable in UW Libraries Search, the status will be displayed in the result list with a directive to check the request options in orange text.

Unavailable Print Book:

Results for Unavailable Print Book
Unavailable Journal Article:

Results for unavailable journal article


2. After clicking on Title of your book or article, click on the green bar under "Get It" to log in with your UW Net ID.

3. Select your desired request option.
Book Request Options:

Request UW Item button and Request via Summit button
Tip: Print items will be available to pick up from a UW Libraries location; you may select which UW Libraries location you prefer for pick up. You will be notified of the item's arrival via email. If you choose UW Bothell for your pickup location, you may pick up your item at the circulation desk in LB1.

Article Request Options:

Request an article scan button

Tip: "Request an article scan" will open an Interlibrary Loan "Article Request" form in a new window. Once the request is processed, a PDF of the article will be delivered to the email you provide in the request form. If it is your first interlibrary loan request, you will be prompted to enter your home address and other info; this request is only made once. 



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