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Campus Library FAQ: How do I connect to the WiFi?

Frequently asked questions at the UWB/CC Campus Library

How do I connect to the WiFi?

There are two wireless network connections available in the Campus Library.

1. University of Washington wireless network - Use your UW Net ID to connect your personal laptop or other device to the Internet via the University of Washington wireless access network, available in the Campus Library and all UW Bothell buildings. Current Cascadia students, staff, and faculty are eligible for a UW NetID of their own.

Tip: For non-affiliated visitors, library staff members can assign temporary UW NetIDs for the purpose of accessing the University of Washington’s wireless network.

2. Eduroam wireless network - Eduroam (‘education roaming’) is a free, secure, wireless network that allows users (researchers, teachers, students, staff) from the UW to securely access the Internet from any eduroam-enabled institution.

Available in any Cascadia buildings:

Cascadia College wireless network - Connect your personal laptop or other device to the Internet via the Cascadia wireless access network, only available at Cascadia College, in the CC1, CC2, and CC3 buildings. For more information about connecting to the Cascadia wireless network, please visit the Learning Center in CC2-060, or the Cascadia Computing Services page.

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