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Use the box above or Advanced Search to find books (or other materials) through our library catalog. If you would like research tips, you can also access the FAQs by clicking on the link. Look for the Search Tips tab on the upper left of the FAQs page.

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Comparative Literature is covered in many academic disciplines (e.g., classics, English, history, international studies, and philosophy). We recommend using the UW Libraries Advanced Search to find books related to your research topic, finding a few call numbers and then browsing a specific area rather than browsing broadly. Here's a breakdown of the Library of Congress literature classifications:

PBs - PRs are located in Suzzallo on the 2nd floor.
PSs are located in Allen North on the 2nd floor.
Map of Suzzallo/Allen 2nd floor

P: General Linguistics and Philology
PA: Classical Languages and Literatures
PB: Modern European Languages, Celtic Languages and Literatures
PC: Romance Languages
PD: Germanic and Scandinavian Languages
PE: English Language
PF: West Germanic Languages
PG: Slavic and Baltic Languages
PH: Uralic Languages
PJ: Semitic Languages and Literatures
PK: Indo-Iranian Languages and Literatures
PL: Eastern Asian, African, and Oceanic Languages and Literatures
PM: Indigenous American Languages
PN: Literature (General): History and Collections
PQ: Romance Literatures
PR: English Literature
PS: American Literature
PT: Germanic and Scandinavian Literatures
PZ: Children's Literature


Finding Dissertations and Theses

E-Books: Multidisciplinary Collections