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Comparative Literature: Bibliographies and Indexes

Electronic Bibliographies

  Bibliographies and Indexes

F. Baldensperger and W.P. Friederich. Bibliography of Comparative Literature. 1950. University of North Carolina Studies in Comparative Literature. Vast enumerative bibliography divided into four "books." Subdivisions include motifs, country, literary history, and individual authors. Also issued in 1960. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks. (Z 6514. C7 B3)

Betz, Louis-Paul. La Litterature Comparee, Essai Bibliographique. Orginally published in 1904. Reprint 1969 by First Greenwood Reprinting, New York. Early twentieth century bibliography enumerates continental literature. Emphasizes reciprocity and difference among national literatures. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks. (Z 6514.C7 B6 1904a)

Dyserinck, Hugo and Fischer, Manfred S. Internationale Bibliographie zu Geschichte und Theorie der Komparatistik. 1985. Published by Hiersemann - Verlag, Stuttgart. Enumerative bibliography arranged chronologically has much narrower focus than Baldensperger & Friederich. Contains author and subject index. Covers international books and serials. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks. (Z6514.C7 I6 1985)

Gibbs, Donald A. A Bibliography of Studies and Translations of modern Chinese Literature, 1918-1942. 1975. Harvard University Press. Located in East Asia Library Reference, Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks, and Odegaard Stacks. (Z3108.L5 G52)

H. W. Wilson Company. Bibliographic Index. 1942. New York H. W. Wilson Co. Annual bibliography of bibliographies by subject.  Selective coverage, great cross-referencing. Topics not restricted to literature - good tool for any comparatist. Coverage from 1937/42 - 2011. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks (Z1002 .B594)

Keill, Norman. Psychoanalysis, Psychology, and Literature: a Bibliography.  1982. The Scarecrow Press, Inc. Resource includes two main volumes, a separate title, author, and subject index and a supplement for 1990. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks. (Z6514 P78 K53 1982)

Lawson, Alan [et al]. Post-colonial Literatures in English: general, theoretical, and comparative, 1970-1993.  1997. Published by Prentice Hall International. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks (Z2000.9 P67 1997)

Rela, Walter. A Bibliographical Guide to Spanish American Literature: Twentieth Century Sources.  1988. Greenwood Press. Annotates resources published from 1945 forward. Organized by genre and then by country of origin (e.g. History and Criticism of Chile). Preface cites earlier significant bibliographies. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks. (Z1609.L7 R438 1988)

Thompson, George A., Jr. Key Sources in Comparative and World Literature - An Annotated Guide to Reference Materials.  1982. Frederick Ungar Publishing Co. Pages 266 to 305 are particularly helpful for bibliographic materials for non-European literatures. Good introductory resource. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks. (Z 6511 T47 1982)

Williams, Mark. Post-colonial Literatures in English: Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, 1970-1992.  1996. Published by G.K. Hall. Located in Suzzallo & Allen Libraries Stacks. (Z3008.L58 W55 1996)