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Industrial Workers of the World Photograph Collection: Enrique Flores Magon

Interpretive exhibit examining the historical and cultural context of the the Industrial Workers of the World Photograph Collection at the Labor Archives of Washington, University of Washington Libraries Special Collections.

His Story

Enrique Flores Magón (1877-1954) was a journalist and politician who was assisted by the IWW. The Mexican Liberal Party was founded by him and his brother, Ricardo Flores Magón. The party wanted to re-distribute land and means of production held by the rich to the masses. In doing so they also aimed to overthrow the Mexican government. At the San Diego Free Speech Rally in 1912, the IWW was joined by Enrique Flores Magón and his brother’s Mexican Liberal Party. The photograph collection features a portrait photograph of him and his wife, individual of him, and a group photo of the Mexican Liberal Party. These photographs also convey the representation of Hispanic members in the all inclusive IWW.