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Teaching & Learning: Evaluating Sources

The Teaching & Learning Guide provides information to help you with your needs as an instructor including class materials, statistics and assessment information, important reminders, and readings and resources.

Example Activities & Lessons

Here's how UW Librarians are using this lesson objective

  • Evaluating Sources Activity in a Class Guide (In groups, students are assigned one of the three linked articles, and evaluate their article using the model provided. Each group reports back, while their respective articles are projected for the class to see.)

When do I teach Evaluating Sources?

Consider teaching evaluation of sources when:

  • students have sources or will be selecting resources during your session, 
  • students are required to find and use a specific kind of source (i.e. scholarly articles, web sources, etc.), or
  • students will be using and juggling several different kinds of sources as evidence.
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Other UW Resources

Include these resources in your class guides or use them to flip the classroom.

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