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Research Guides

Teaching & Learning: Readings & Resources

The Teaching & Learning Guide provides information to help you with your needs as an instructor including class materials, statistics and assessment information, important reminders, and readings and resources.


We encourage shared resources; it's great to see what others have done and incorporate new ideas.  Look at the following examples to see what you might develop--and don't hesitate to "steal" from these too!

  • English 131 gives an example of the kind of session is the most common. The students needed help with Topic Selection, developing Keywords, identifying Scholarly Sources and using a common Search Engine (Acedemic Search Complete)
  • Geography 271 is an excellent example of a specific topic but a more general introduction to approaching research.  Uses a concept map that is often useful.
  • English 111 gives an example of how to introduce several sources for searching as well as an excellent form for Evaluating Sources. 
  • Geography 315 describes a session focused on literature reviews.  It briefly touches on Keywords and uses an excellent activity to get students involved.  It goes on to focus on scholarly sources, analyzing and evaluating their quality.

Video Resources

Sometimes a video shows the process faster and quicker and can be referenced later! Consider adding these to your lesson plan or class guide:


A few reading selections to help kickstart your pedagogy:

Komi children, with reindeer, reading in the fields

Komi children, with reindeer, reading in the fields, Natsionalnaia biblioteka Respubliki Komi, UW Libraries Collection, accessed 1/2/2013