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Teaching & Learning: How it works

The Teaching & Learning Guide provides information to help you with your needs as an instructor including class materials, statistics and assessment information, important reminders, and readings and resources.

How your lesson is scheduled

Before the lesson

Instruction requests begin at least two weeks in advance

  1. Professor/TA fills out an Instruction Request Form
  2. Instruction Coordinators email potential instructor (you) with date, time, location, and request

  3. Choose to accept or reject request (email AND accept or reject Meeting Maker request)

  4. If you accept email the instructor with:  
    • Confirmation that you will instruct the session
    • Ask for any materials that may be helpful (eg. assignment, syllabus, or previous assignments)
    • A suggested meeting time before the session
    • Example email
  5. Meet with the instructor to set up lesson objectives and find out more information (questions to ask)

  6. Develop your lesson plan
  7. Email the professor with outline/handouts and ask for feedback

Day of lesson:

  1. Show up 10 min. early and test out technology, adjust the space and connect with the professor
  2. Teach

After the Lesson:

  1. Fill out an Instruction Reporting Form
    1. Detailed instructions can be found on the Instructions page

  2. Reflect on your teaching and your students learning
    1. What were segments that went well?
    2. What could have been better?
    3. Next time what will you do the same? What will you do differently?

Find your teaching style

Will Shannon in his Juanita School classroom, Juanita, March 1903

Make sure to observe sessions taught by experienced librarians and graduate students.  Everyone has a slightly different teaching style, find what feels most comfortable to you!