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Research Guides


Each presentation will last 5 minutes. Your slides will have be pre-loaded on the computer, ready to project, so you do not need to bring your slides with you.

  1. Note that slides will display behind you on the screen, but there is no computer screen or podium for you to look at for a "presenter view" between you and the audience.
  2. We will bring your title slide up on the screen, and at that point you’ll come to the front and take the microphone.
  3. Remember to keep the handheld microphone 3-5 inches away from your mouth.
  4. You’ll introduce yourself and your presentation title to the audience, then give a visual signal that you’d like to advance to the 2nd slide.
  5. The slides will auto-advance every 15 seconds, until the end of your presentation.
  6. At the end of your presentation, the final slide will display your name, bio and contact information. Please conclude your presentation by restating your name, degree and department. The final slide will appear for 20 seconds, in order to provide the audience with time to fill out feedback forms.
  7. There will be two Q&A sessions during the event and each group will come to the front of the room for audience questions. If you’d like to ask your fellow presenters a question during the Q&A, we encourage you to do so!
  8. Following the final Q&A, there will be refreshments and an opportunity to talk with fellow presenters and audience members.
  9. We’ll hand back the filled out feedback forms to you at the end of the event so that you’ll have feedback to take home.
  10. We suggest business casual attire since this is a professional event.

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