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Research Guides

How to prepare your presentation

  • Connect with the theme - How does your presentation relate to the overall theme? 
  • Consider the story you want to tell - Set the stage for the audience and give them a sense of what they can expect from your presentation.
  • Identify the key message of your presentation - What do you want the audience to walk away with after listening to your presentation?
  • Think about the top three questions the audience will have about your research - These will be the three points you will want to cover during your presentation.
  • Write out an outline of your story using the Lightning Talk Planner (in the box, to the right) -  Consider structuring your talk to follow these questions: What? So What? Now What?
  • Convert your outline into 20 slides - This will help you figure out what to say during each slide and you can use them to practice your presentation.
  • Create your slides after you have your talking points - The slides are only there to help you make your points visually, so it helps to know what you will say before you create your slides. Please use the PowerPoint template found in the Slide Creation tab.
  • Think creatively about the format - Scholars’ Studio presentations are not just fast-moving slide-decks. How can you use the format to your advantage? 
  • Practice your presentation! Over and over (and a few more times after that) - Make sure your language is friendly to a broad audience. Your presentation should be clear and concise, free of jargon or technical terms.

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