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Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Prevention Resources: 2. Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism

Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism

Strategies for avoiding unintentional plagiarism:

1. Get familiar with the academic honesty policy and make sure you understand it.

2. Plan ahead. Give yourself enough time to plan, research, write, and edit your work.

3. When you need help or clarification, ask!

4. Document your research as you write. It's difficult and time-consuming to retrace your research after the fact.

Recommended Tutorials

Text-based Tutorials

Practice Tests

Video Tutorials

  • PRIMO Database: Showcases peer-reviewed online instructional materials maintained by the PRIMO Committee of the ACRL Instruction Section. Example search: Click on "Search Database," search for plagiarism. Browse the types of Categories and Intended Audiences listed on the Search Database page. 
  • You Quote It, You Note It! (Acadia University) 

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