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Humanities 150: Intro to Cultural Studies: Find Reference Sources

Online Reference Resources

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Print Reference Books

This is a sampling of the books located in the Reference Collection on the first floor of the Campus Library that will help you with your HUMAN 150 assignments. These titles are great resources for finding definitions and background information on most HUMAN 150 topics. The sources are divided into categories that encompass: Multicultural and Ethnic Groups, American Culture, Gender and Sexuality, and Society, Culture, Human Rights.

Multicultural and Ethnic Groups

  • Handbook of North American Indians [Call Number: E77 .H25] 
  • The Hispanic Presence in North America From 1492 to today [Call Number: E169.1 .F375 1991]
  • Encyclopedia of Multiculturalism [Call Number: E184.A1 .E58 1994]
  • Handbook of Hispanic Cultures in the United States, vol. 1-4 [Call Number: E184 S75 H365 1993]
  • Atlas of Hispanic-American history [Call Number: E184.S75 O287 2001]
  • The African-American Atlas: Black History and Culture--an Illustrated Reference [Call Number: E185 .A79 1998]
  • Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History [Call Number: E185 .E54 2006]
  • Encyclopedia of Racism in the United States [Call Number: E184.A1 E773 2005]
  • Racial and Ethnic Relations in America [Call Number: E49 .R33 2000]
  • Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World [Call Number: HM756 .E53 2003]
  • Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology [Call Number: GN307.E52 1996]

American Culture

  • Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience [Call Number: BL2525 .E53 1988]
  • Dictionary of Twentieth Century Culture: American Culture after World War II [Call Number: E169.12 .A418 1994]
  • Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture [Call Number: E169.12 .E49 2001]
  • American Immigrant Culture [Call Number: E184 .A1 A63448 1997]
  • Encyclopedia of Urban America [Call Number: HT123 .E5 1998]
  • Encyclopedia of American Immigration [Call Number: JV6465 .E53 2000]
  • Encyclopedia of American Social History [Call Number: HN57 .E58 1993]

Gender and Sexuality

  • Encyclopedia of Women and Gender [Call Number: HQ1115 .E43 2001]
  • Handbook of American Women's History [Call Number: HQ1410 .H36 2000]
  • The Women's Movement Today: An Encyclopedia of Third-Wave Feminism [Call Number: HQ1115 .W644 2006]
  • Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men and Women in the World's Cultures [Call Number: HQ16 .E53 2003]
  • Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in America [Call Number: HQ76.3.U5 E53 2004]
  • Gay Histories and Cultures: an Encyclopedia [Call Number: HQ75.13 .G37 2000]
  • Encyclopedia of Homosexuality [Call Number: HQ76.25 .E53 1989]
  • Handbook of Children and the Media [Call Number: HQ784 .T4 S533 2001]

Society, Human Rights, and Globalization

  • The Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science: a user's guide to its terms [Call Number: JA61 .B43 1999]
  • International Encyclopedia of Human Rights [Call Number: JC571 .M3243 2000]
  • Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements [Call Number: KZ4968 .O84 2003]
  • Great Debates at the United Nations: An Encyclopedia of Fifty Key Issues 1945-2000 [Call Number: KZ4968 .G67 2001]
  • Globalization : encyclopedia of trade, labor and politics [Call Number: JZ1318 .G57864 2006]
  • Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences [Call Number: H41.R4 2001]
  • A Concise Glossary of Cultural Theory [Call Number: HM101.B775 1999]
  • A Dictionary of Cultural and Critical Theory [Call Number: HM101 .D527 1996]
  • The Blackwell Dictionary of Modern Social Thought [Call Number: H 41 .B53 2003]
  • International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences [Call Number: H41 .I58 2001]