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History Day at Special Collections: Searching Special Collections

Special Collections is a great resource for all your Pacific Northwest primary source needs!

In Special Collections there are a couple different places users can search in order to see the full breadth of our material. These are the search boxes you need to find the best sources for your History Day subject!

This is first box is the best place to find memoirs, treaties, personal accounts, and other primary sources. This searches within the UW catalog for books that are specifically in Special Collections. If you are already in the catalog, use the drop down bar next to your search to select "Special Collections." Try searches for your subject and if any books jump out at you, look at "subjects" in the Item Details tab and click on any that fit your topic. There, you will see other books on this subject in Special Collections.

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If you think there is an archival collection that fits your topic, use this to search our finding aids, which are like directories of our manuscript and archival collections. Warning- using manuscript collections can be tricky if you aren't familiar with the process, so ask Special Collections reference staff first if this seems like a good fit.

Archives West: Search for Archival / Manuscript Materials


If you're writing a paper for History Day you won't need pictures, but if you're working on a website, exhibit, documentary or other multimedia project, this search is how you find everything we've digitized from our collections.

Digital Collections - Special Collections

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