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Research Guides

Why cite?

While it can seem arbitrary, citation serves many purposes. The best format is one that works for your setting; in the business world, it's likely to be less formal than in academia, but we believe it's still a useful practice. Your citation should have enough information to allow the reader to find the resource, and a consistent format makes this easier.

Benefits for you:

  • Gives credit to ideas you've gotten from someone else
  • Makes you more credible by showing that you've done your research
  • Required and expected in many settings
  • If you have the citation, you can always re-find the information. Don't be the person that uses something without citing and then can't find the original source when asked for it!


Benefits for the reader:

  • They can assess the information you are using to make your argument
  • They can go to your sources for more information.

What format should I use?

The Foster School of Business doesn't have a preferred citation style. When choosing a style:

1. Does the instructor you're doing the assignment for have a preferred style? If so, use that. If not...

2. Do you have a style you like and are comfortable with? If not...

3. APA is commonly used by the social sciences, and is the one the business librarians usually recommend.