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Citing Business Information: Blogs, Forums, Podcasts, Video Logs

Blogs, Discussion Forums, & Newsgroups

For information retrieved from blogs, discussion forums, newsgroups blog posts, or blog comment:

Basic Citation Format:

Author, A . (Date). Post title. Blog Name. URL


  • Do not italicize title or post title 
  • if no author name, use screen name, if no screen name, use the title
  • try to use a permanent link (aka permalink), if available

Citation Example of Online forum comment:

moralshell (2017, November 5). Re: Business Structure [online forum comment].

Intext citation: (moralshell, 2017)

Citation Example of Blog post:

Fleming, M. & Wahlers, A. (2018, April 16).Dealer Trading and Positioning in Floating Rate Notes [weblog post].

Intext citation:  (Felming & Wahlers, 2018)

General Format of Citing a Blog Comment: 

Author, A. (Date). Title or the first sentence of comment [Comment on "Article or post title']. Blog name. Permalink 

  •  cite the person who left the comment as the author as it is on the comment (real name or screen name)

Citation Example: 

Hafke, H. (2018, March 3). I believe that some leaders are [Comment on blog post "How Tech Leaders & Venture Capitalists Can Get Out of Our “Man Box”]. Ritz Holtz.

Intext citation:  (Hafke, 2018)

Podcasts & Video Logs

Use the format below to cite information retrieved from podcasts and Video Logs 

Executive Producer Name, (Executive Producer). (Range of publication). Title of Podcast [Audio Podcast]. Production Company. URL

  • If the producer is not specified, use the show name (i.e. Money, Markets & More), or if not a show, use the hostname/screen name
  • Try to use a permanent/persistent link (aka permalink), if available. If the podcast is not from an online source (ex. a podcast app), permalink can be deleted. 

Citation Example of Podcast using the host's name:

Klein, E. (2017, July 25). Julia Galef on how to argue better and change your mind more (podcast)[Audio podcast].

Intext citation:  (Klein, 2017)

Citation Example of Video Log using the screen name:

Freakonomics Radio. (2018, March 20). After the Glass Ceiling, a Glass Cliff [Video file].

Intext citation(Freakonomics Radio, 2018)