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Research Guides

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Encyclopedias and specialized dictionaries provide broad overviews on educational topics, concepts, issues, theories, and other information that can help you find additional resources. Handbooks and companions are good resources for finding literature reviews, in-depth background about a topic, and often a summary of the state of scholarship in the field.

Major encyclopedia: Oxford Research Encyclopedia: Education
Encyclopedia collections: Gale Ebooks, Oxford Reference Online & Sage Reference Online.


To find additional encyclopedias, search UW Libraries Search for your broad topic followed by the term encyclopedias. For example: higher education encyclopedias

Handbooks & Companions

There are hundred of handbooks in the field of education. These are just a selection. There is no comprehensive way to search for handbooks and companions. To find additional handbooks, search UW Libraries Search for your topic followed by the words such as "handbook," "companion," or "handbooks manuals". For example: music education handbook