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Welcome to Your BWRIT 135 Library Guide

This guide provides access to resources as well as tips and tricks to help you complete your research assignments in BWRIT 135. 

Remember: Research is messy! It takes  time and effort to find out how the experts are talking about your topic and you will continue to revise your searches as you learn more about your topic.  Don't get discouraged!  And when in doubt, ask a librarian for help.

Rate the Source

All of the sources below are related to the $15 minimum wage. Take a look at each source and decide, based on what you know, whether you would trust the information included here. Would you include it as a source for your paper? Why or why not?

On another note, is this a scholarly or a popular source? Is it a primary source or a secondary source?

Research & Instruction Librarian

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Alyssa Berger
UWB/CC Campus Library
Office: LBA-302
Phone: (425) 352-5346