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BWRIT 135: Research Writing (Lin): Boolean (Pizza) Operators

Boolean (Pizza) Operators

Graphic with two slices of pizza and one whole pizza cut into slices. Infographic on Boolean Operators. Details of infographic listed below.

Details of Boolean (pizza) Operators infographic:

Title: Library Resources

Subtitle: Boolean (pizza) Operators

What are Boolean (pizza) Operators?

It’s a special kind of code that the Library Search engine understands. They can help narrow your search (such as NOT), broaden (such as OR), or make your search more exact (such as “”). Use them with keywords to super pizza power your search.

  • mushrooms AND pepperoni: you will receive a pizza with both toppings
  • mushrooms OR pepperoni: you will receive a pizza with either topping or both
  • mushroom NOT pepperoni: you are vegetarian and will receive a pizza with mushrooms and no pepperoni
  • “Pizza Hut”: you will only se results for that exact phrase, rather than something like Dan eats pizza in a beach shore hut
  • (mushrooms AND pepperoni) NOT anchovy: your pizza must have mushrooms and pepperoni, and have 0 anchovy

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