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Citing Sources: Citation Tools

An overview of tips, tools, and resources for all your citation needs

What are Citation Tools?

Citation tools are a convenient set of devices, web pages, and software that streamline the process of citing sources to save you time and energy in your research process. Visit the pages below to learn more about the different recommended options available to you.

Which Citation Tool is Right for You?

Use the flowchart below to determine which citation tool is right for you and your project. Then, access the matching sub-page (by clicking on the options linked to the left or hovering over the original "Which Citation Tool is Right for You?" tab) to learn how to use your chosen tool.



Text format:

Which Citation Tool is Right for You?

1. How many citations do you have?

a. If fewer than 10, proceed to step 2

b. If greater than 10, proceed to step 3

2. Is your bibliography larger or smaller?

a. If smaller, proceed to step 4

b. If larger, proceed to step 5

3. Consider using one of the following citation management software, useful for many citations that you will use again. These tools are perfect for long-term storage of multiple citations and longer bibliographies. They include:

a. Zotero

b. Mendeley

c. EndNote Basic

4. Consider using built-in citation generators through one of the following programs, useful for convenient, one-time citations and bibliographies (created within a document or database) that won't be used again. They include:

a. Google Docs

b. Microsoft Word

c. Database

5. Consider using one of the following quick citation generators, useful for creating larger, one-time bibliographies, including a wider range of citation styles and resource types to cite. They include:

a. ZoteroBib

b. BibGuru

c. BibCitation