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Computational Linguistics: Comp Ling Journal Articles

Guide to reference sources and databases in the field of computational linguistics

Bibliographic Databases

Bibliographic databases collect and organize references to published literature within a particular discipline or in a particular format. For computational linguistics, using a combination of linguistics databases and computer science databases is recommended. Bibliographic databases are generally the best tool for finding scholarly articles but also include references to non-scholarly articles, books, book chapters, newspaper articles, etc. Links often provide direct access to full text; if not, look up the journal or book title in UW Libraries Search for access.

Linguistics & Computer Science Databases

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is not a database, but a search engine which aggregates scholarly literature found on the web. Since inclusions are based on a search algorithm rather than human curation, duplicate results are common and advanced search options are limited. Use Google Scholar to find a known item or conduct a search where databases fail you. Because it is not based in a discipline like most databases, you may need to be more specific with keywords and it is of limited utility when doing a broader, exploratory search.