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Computational Linguistics: Writing & Citing in Linguistics

Guide to reference sources and databases in the field of computational linguistics

Citation Management

LaTex and BibTeX

LaTeX is a typesetting program that converts plain-text files to a formatted .tex source file based on the commands in the plain-text file. LaTeX is widely used in writing technical papers in computer science and engineering due to its ability to represent mathematical and other characters.

BibTeX is a bibliographic tool that can be used with LaTeX to organize references and create a bibliography. The user creates a bibliography file (.bib) that is separate from the LaTeX source file; references in the bibliography file are formatted to refer to the source .tex file.

Free Reference Managers for BibTeX

Using BibTeX with RefWorks

To add BibTeX to your RefWorks account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on Bibliography
  3. Click on the Output Style pull down menu, scroll down to "Access Output Style Manager"
  4. It takes a minute or so for all the styles to load -- scroll down to BibTeX and select which styles you want to add to your Favorites, then click the Add to Favorites button
  5. Click Back to Previous Page link (on the right)
  6. Double check to make sure BibTeX appears in your Favorites list!

Databases that will export BibTeX records

A number of online databases and catalogs allow users to export data in BibTeX format, including UW Libraries Search. Some, like WorldCat, do not currently offer a BibTeX export option. Look for BibTeX or .bib in your search tool's export format options.

Writing Resources

Citation Styles