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Biographies A - I

Recommended by: Soojin Oh Park, Faculty UW Seattle, College of Education

Recommended by: Dan Berger, Faculty UW Bothell, IAS

Recommended by: Kate Orville, Staff UW Seattle, Center on Human Development and Disability


Recommended by: Anonymous

Recommended By: Deborah Pierce, Staff UW Seattle, UW Libraries

"When we think of issues of equity, diversity and inclusion we often think about what is wrong with "x" or about the external actions we might take to "fix" something. Dr. Eger's book takes a different view, from someone who survived extreme exclusion, that is, a Holocaust survivor, and her journey to the internal search for healing and meaning. She inspires us to think about our own resilience and how to build a life that takes adversity and turns it into a gift for humanity.

Winner of the 2017 National Jewish Book Award and 2018 Christopher Award.

'Edith’s strength and courage are remarkable…her life and work are an incredible example of forgiveness, resilience, and generosity.'—Sheryl Sandberg"

Recommended by: Madeline, Staff UW Seattle, UW Libraries


Recommended by: Nichole Gustavsen, UW Botthell, UWB / Cascadia College Library

Recommended by: Jeffrey Hou, Faculty UW Seattle, Landscape Architecture

Biographies J - Z

Recommended by: Melissa, Staff UW Bothell, UWB Library

Recommended by: Anne Davis, Staff UW Seattle, UW Libraries

Recommended by: Mary Whisner, Staff UW Seattle, Law Library


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