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Why Reading Lists

These reading lists are meant to help you look at books within the Recommended Reads for Equity collection that have a shared topic or theme.

LGBTQIA+ Community Representation

These books are those in the Recommended Reads for Equity Collection that have LGBTQIA+ community representation. This list includes multiple genres but is predominantly fiction and graphic novels. If there is something included on this list that should not be, please let us know. 


Anna Lauren Hoffman, Faculty UW Seattle, iSchool

"Serano has always been at the forefront of thinking about trans inclusion in feminist and other movements and this book is representative of that. I actually first encountered her through her book "Whipping Girl" (which is also great!), but I think Excluded has the potential to speak to a broader group of people interested in the collection you're developing."



Anonymous, Faculty UW Seattle, UW Libraries and iSchool

"Goes through many periods of American history and focuses on fascinating individuals. Opened my mind about gender & sexual orientation history like few other books."


Recommended by: Micha Cardenas, Faculty UW Bothell, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

"This book deals with the specific violence that transgender people of color face."



Recommended by: Sumyat Thu, Student UW Seattle, English


Recommended by: Jose D Sanchez Frugone, Student UW Seattle, Bioengineering

"This book is a very personal, honest coming to age novel about teenage love. At moments poetic and romantic, at moments messy and starkly real. With a backdrop of lgbt and minority themes which add context but do not overpower the beautifully written experiences of a character in conflict with himself; this book explores identity, family relations, friendship, and love in a way that is relevant to all."

Recommended by: Anonymous, Student UW Seattle, College of Engineering

" I would recommend this book to others because it possesses a predominant theme which is “love is becoming closer with your best friend.” Two individuals explore their sexuality to find out that regardless of their gender, love can still be attained. If not that, I recommend this book because it is relatable in a sense that regardless of who we are, we face a common struggle of confusion in our life; whether it be sexuality, finding a sense of self, or not knowing what our future hold - enduring these periods of uncertainty and facing adversity can bring us closer to embracing who we are."


Michelle H. Martin, Faculty UW Seattle, iSchool

"Every day A, the protagonist wakes up, A is in a different person's body. An interesting study in diversity. A says that whether or not A likes the body A is inhabiting, they must respect it, regardless. Written by a while male but offers lots of great food for thought. Also a movie now."


Recommended by: Nicole Gustavsen, Staff UW Bothell, UWB/Cascadia College Library

Recommended by: Caitlan Maxwell, Staff UW Bothell, UWB/CC Library

Recommended by: Madeline, Staff UW Seattle, UW Libraries

"I've read two mystery novels by Nina Revoyr and both struck me as being really gripping and engaging thrillers that take into account the dynamics of difference and power that shape our world and that so many mystery/thriller authors gloss over."

Recommended by: Anonymous

"This book increased my understanding of the experience of transgender/non-binary children and their families. I am a better person for having read this book, and I believe that whole-heartedly."


Graphic Novels

Recommended by: Aydin Kwan, Student UW Seattle, iSchool

Recommended by: Melissa, Staff UW Bothell, Library

Recommended by: Melissa, Staff UW Bothell, Library

Recommended by: Melissa, Staff UW Bothell, Library

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