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Collection Guidelines: Spanish & Portuguese Studies: Departmental Focus

Collecting guidelines for Spanish & Portuguese Studies Materials at UW Libraries (Seattle)

Programs & Degrees

Undergraduate Programs

The Division of Spanish & Portuguese Studies is committed to the production and transmission of knowledge of the Spanish and Portuguese languages and the literatures and cultures of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and U.S. Latinos.

The Division of Spanish and Portuguese Studies offers a Spanish Major and Spanish Minor (there is currently no degree in Portuguese, though SPS offers Portuguese language study - up to level 301).  Spanish Majors are required to Study Abroad or participate in a Service Learning program, and may optionally apply to the Honors Program.

Graduate Programs

SPS currently offers a Master's degree and a PhD degree in Hispanic Studies.  As part of their graduate school experience, students accepted into the PhD program in Hispanic Studies at the University of Washington will participate in the Graduate Certificate in Public Scholarship, in collaboration with the Simpson Center for the Humanities.