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Research Guides


a. Chronologic.

The time period covered in the Spanish language collection is from the fragmentation of Peninsular romance, about mid-12th century, to the present. Emphasis is on the Renaissance-Golden Era of Spanish literature (16th to 18th centuries) and the contemporary era from the 19th century to the present.

b. Geographic.

Primary emphasis is on Spain, Portugal, and Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries in North and South America, including Chicano-speaking areas of the United States. Other Spanish and Portuguese speaking areas are not excluded.

c. Language.

Spanish and Portuguese are the primary languages represented in the collection. There are Hispanic-American, Luso-Brazilian, and Catalan language materials and to a leaser extent Basque and regional and dialectical variant imprints.

d. Format.

Monographs and sets, serials, microforms, newspapers, facsimiles, reprints and xerox copies of out-of-print titles dre acquired to support programs of the Department.


1. Subject areas.

In general, materials in Spanish and Portuguese languages which are not related to the subjects of language or literature are not within the scope of the collection.  However, as research becomes more interdisciplinary, the Spanish selector refers materials to other librarians, and often buys materials outside the scope of language and literatures.

2. Formats.

Textbooks, bi-lingual editions, translations from Spanish and Portuguese to languages other than English, and manuscripts are generally excluded from the collection.