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Who We Are: Diversity in Government Documents (Home)


Each page in this collection highlights ways in which government literature has represented minoritized identities. Our focus is mostly U.S. Federal Government Documents, mixed with international and in some cases non-governmental materials. There are many stories in these guides, but certainly not every story. Consider the stories here a selection of diverse research pathways through government information.

There are some uniform features across all seven pages to aid in navigation: each contains a table of contents and a grouping of introductory resources called "Telling All Americans' Stories." The right column contains resources for further research, and the bottom box on each page includes links to related guides.

The “Who We Are: Diversity in Government Documents” guides were originally created by Larry Eames, UW iSchool MLIS in Spring 2019.

Social Justice: Representation and Anti-Discrimination

On each of the pages, there are links to representation and anti-discrimination resources. The organizations below contribute to this work as well, but are broader in scope.