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Exceeding Zotero's 300MB Cloud Storage Limit

If you get an alert claiming you've reached Zotero's 300mb storage limit, follow the steps below:

  • If you only use Zotero on one device with no group libraries, you can safely ignore the error and turn off syncing by going to Edit > Preferences > Sync and turn off syncing by unchecking the boxes
  • If you exceed the storage limit with group libraries, you will need to buy more storage space from Zotero
  • If you use Zotero with multiple devices, but rarely use group libraries, then you can use the University of Washington OneDrive to store up to five terabytes of files for free by following the video below. Note that you only have access to your UW OneDrive for as long as you are affiliated with the University of Washington. You can do the same thing with your personal OneDrive, but you'll only have 5gb of storage space

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