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Using Zotero with Google Docs

Using Zotero in Google Docs is very similar to using it in Microsoft Word. When you download the Zotero Connector for Chrome or Firefox, you'll be able to use Zotero with Google Docs. Note: The first time you use Zotero with Google Docs you will have to link it to your Google Drive account. It may ask you to repeat this step every time you start using Zotero with a new document.

You'll find a Zotero tab along the top of your document, between "Add-ons" and "Help." This tab has all of the same options that the Zotero tab has in Microsoft Word: Add/edit citation, Add/edit bibliography, Document Preferences, Refresh, and Unlink citations.


Zotero's menu in the Google Docs extension


  • Before you add any citations, it's best to set your bibliographic style preferences with the option "Document Preferences."
  • To add a citation, click the first button ("Insert Citation") on the toolbar. A red search bar will appear and you can search for the reference you want to cite and hit enter. Zotero will add the citation at your cursor. You can also click the little Red Zotero iconto change to "Classic View," which will open up your Zotero Library so you can browse and choose manually.
  • At the end of your paper, click the button "Add/edit Bibliography." Your bibliography will appear, and new citations will be added automatically. You can refresh your citations using the "Refresh" button and change bibliographic styles with the "Document Preferences" button.


One thing to note about Zotero and Google Docs is that while it works the same as with Microsoft Word, it tends to take a bit longer to do each of these steps.

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