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Mendeley: Mendeley, EndNote and Other Reference Managers

Mendeley and EndNote

You can import and export bibliographic entries from Mendeley to EndNoteTM and other reference management software.

EndNote to Mendeley

To export your EndNoteTM library for use in Mendeley, click "File" and then "Export." Set the output style to "RIS" and save it as an "XML" file.

In the Mendeley menu, select File --> Add Files... and choose the "XML" file you have exported from EndNote. Click on "Open." Your imported EndNote collection will then appear in your Mendeley library.

Mendeley to EndNote

To save your Mendeley library for importing into EndNoteTM in the Mendeley desktop version menu, click on the File --> Export... You can then choose "EndNote XML" (or "RIS" or "BibTeX") to export your Mendeley library into EndNote or other reference management software.

In EndNote, click "File" and then "Import." Click the "Choose File" button and select the file you just exported from Mendeley. Set Import Option to match your exported Mendeley file, and click "Import".

EndNote and EndNote Basic

UW Health Sciences Library Guide to EndNote

EndNote is available for purchase from the University Bookstore at a discounted rate.

UW Health Sciences Library Guide to EndNote Basic

Sign up for an EndNote Basic account from a computer on campus (using a computer with a recognized UW IP address).