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Creating and Organizing Citations with Mendeley

For more complete explanations of how to create citations and organize your library, click on the following links:

Import Citations From Databases and Catalogs: Using the "Web Importer", Mendeley provides the ability to save references from many library catalogs and databases with a link saved in your browser's Bookmarks toolbar or folder.

Create Citations From Other Webpages: Although Mendeley cannot automatically capture citation info from all web pages, you can still add them to your library. Once you have added the "Mendeley Web Importer" extension to your browser's toolbar, you can click the Mendeley icon in your browser to import the page to your Mendeley Library.

Create Citations From Your Existing Saved Documents: You can save your existing documents in a Mendeley library collection either by clicking the green plus sign icon or by dragging and dropping into you Mendeley Desktop Library.

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