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Create Collections

Mendeley allows you to organize your sources using folders called Collections in the Left Sidebar Column. Collections are like file folders on your computer, but an item can be in more than one collection at a time. In other words, an article on swine flu could be filed in your "Swine Flu" collection, your "Public Health" collection, and your "Epidemiology" collection without having to make three copies of the document. To create a collection, click on "New Collection" under the collections tab, then type the name of your collection into the field.


[GIF of creating a collection]


To add to a collection, just select the item in the Main Column, and drag and drop it in the collection folder in the Left Sidebar Column.


[GIF of adding to a collection]



In addition, once you have created a collection folder, you can easily move it, by dragging and dropping, to create a sub-collection within an existing collection folder.


[GIF of making a subcollection]

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