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Graduate Funding Information Service: International Students

Online guide and resources for graduate students looking for funding opportunities.

International Student Workshop Materials

Graduate Funding for International Students Workshop  |  April 30, 2015

This Graduate Funding Information Service (GFIS) workshop covered funding resources for international graduate students at UW, including fellowships, scholarships, grants, and employment to help finance tuition, research, and travel. The workshop provided an overview of resources and strategies for finding funding, in addition to information about general campus services for the international student community.

Handouts and slides from the event:

Recordings of the event:

Tools for Finding External Funding

On-Campus Resources

Assistantships at UW

International students can hold assistantships at the University of Washington. Teaching assistants (TAs) must meet an English-language proficiency requirement. For more information about assistantships and how to find them, see the "Funding from UW" tab on this guide.

UW International Student Services

International Student Services (ISS) can help with questions about visa status and eligibility for on- or off-campus employment.

UW Graduate School Core Programs

Core Programs offers a number of events to support graduate students at UW, including international students. Check out their events calendar for more information.

Using Subscription Funding Databases

In some funding databases, you are able to filter your search based on citizenship. This is especially important for international students as this filter will often display results that are specific to your country of citizenship, or results that do not have citizenship requirements at all. Here is how to take advantage of these filters in Grant Forward, a subscription funding database available through UW.

In Grant Forward

To see opportunities for international students, select the "international" applicant type from the advanced search menu, or after conducting a search (at the bottom of the filters list on the left hand side of the page).