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How to Search for Graduate School Funding: Funding for Travel & Study Abroad

Helping current and admitted UW graduate students learn the skills and tools to find funding

Using Databases to Find Travel Funding

Helpful for travel funding, including international research, conference travel, language study, or study abroad programs. COVID-19 has impacted some of these opportunities.

Funding databases like UCLA and Grant Forward can also help find travel funding opportunities.

Research and Study Abroad

Language Study

Conference Travel Funding

In addition to any funding available from your department, there are two major sources for conference travel available from UW. If you are presenting at a national or international conference, these opportunities will help fund your travel and often have a quick application process. Be mindful of narrow application windows (dependent on the dates of your conference) for these funding opportunities.

If you are not presenting at the conference you hope to attend, see if the national level or your local chapter of the sponsoring organization offers a "first time attendee" or "professional development" scholarship. Many professional and academic conferences often discounted student rates, and some may waive registration fees partially or in full if you commit to a few hours of volunteering at the conference.

Some travel funds have changed in light of COVID-19, which may be helpful for attending virtual conferences or attending professional development sessions. 

You can also look for travel, workshop, and conference funding in the funding databases recommended on this guide.