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Campus Library FAQ: How long can I check out books and other materials? How many can I check out?

Frequently asked questions at the UWB/CC Campus Library

How long can I check out books, media, and other materials?

Loan Periods


Loan periods vary among libraries and may be determined by the status of the borrower, type of material and individual collection policy.

Most books and other materials in the UW Bothell/CC Library check out for the following periods of time: 

Some collections within the library (i.e. Book Arts) are in-library use only, while other collections (Writing) check out for 14 days. 


Items that are on Reserve for a class check out for shorter periods of time, ranging from 2 hours to 72 hours. Some Reserves items can be taken out of the library, and others must stay in the library while they are checked out.

Laptops and other items

Current UW Bothell students may check out laptops, but there are no renewals, and they must be returned before we close on the date they are due. Other items that can be checked out from the Campus Library include headphones (in-library use only), graphing calculators (one-day checkout), and scientific calculators (3-day checkout). See a full list of items available for checkout here.

How many items can I check out?

There is a 300 item checkout limit for on-campus library accounts. This policy includes student, staff, faculty, Cascadia and Summit Visiting Patron accounts.

What if I have a UW Libraries Borrower's Card?

Community members who have a UW Libraries Borrower's Card can check out up to 30 items at a time.