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BIS 300: Interdisciplinary Inquiry (Krabill): Finding articles

Multidisciplinary databases

These are the "one-stop shopping" sources of the database world. You can find articles here ranging from the arts to business and science. 

Subject-specific databases

The Peer-Review Process

Chat with a UW Librarian

How can I get the full text of an article?

What should you do if you find an interesting article in a database but no link to the full text? 

Click on the purple "Check for full text" button – this button will attempt to connect you to the full text article if it is owned by the UW. 

Is my article from a peer reviewed journal?

Use this database to search for journal titles (not article titles).

If your journal uses peer review in its editing process, it will show a little icon of a referee's shirt next to it. ("Refereed" is another term that denotes peer review.)