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BWRIT 135: Research Writing (Morse): Find Articles

Interdisciplinary Databases

Find scholarly, news, and popular articles covering many subjects.

Subject Databases

This is a small selection of subject-related databases that may be useful for some of your topics. Additional lists of subject databases can be found on our Reseach Guides by Subject page. Choose a subject you are interested in exploring and then navigate to the 'Articles' tab of that guide.

Interrogate your sources

What do you know about the author?

From what discipline/field of knowledge is the source? Does the source define and use a specific theoretical or conceptual frame?

What’s the main claim? What are some subclaims?

Are you finding any keywords that you can use in future searches? Record them somewhere!

Who is its audience and what is the source trying to convince that audience to think?

What evidence is the author using? Does the evidence for this argument come from a reading of a text? A sociological survey? An anthropological ethnography? Statistical analysis? Analysis of a business? Mathematical evidence? A scientific experiment? Other?

Remember the FYPP Learning Goals. How are they at work in this source?

Anatomy of a scholarly article

Peer Review

Is my journal article peer reviewed or refereed?

Search for your journal title (NOT article title) below, in Ulrich's. 

If you see a little referee shirt icon in Ulrichsweb - Refereed icon - the journal's record indicates it is refereed. That means it's likely your article has been peer reviewed (unless it's a book review, editorial, or something other than an actual article).

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