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Public Writing: Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

It is important to create web content with accessibility in mind so that all users and audiences will be able to read and interact with it. Be sure to keep the following basic strategies in mind, and also review the checklists in the “Check Accessibility” section on the right.


  • Use headings, subheadings, and lists to organize content
  • Add links as hyperlinks in meaningful text strings. Do not include text URLs within the text because screen readers will read each letter and character individually.
  • Hyperlinks should open in the current browser window, not in a new window.
  • Avoid underlining text. Underlines should be reserved for hyperlinks
  • Do not use color to convey information or emphasis.


  • Add meaningful alt text to images.
  • Add robust captions to images.
  • Avoid using images as the only way to convey information.


  • Make sure videos have captions and transcripts


Check Accessibility

Guide Credit and License

"Public Writing Guide" by Denise Hattwig, Dr. Julie Shayne, Alyssa Berger, and Kat Wyly (2022) is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.