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Cinema Studies: Books

This guide highlights recommended resources for research in Cinema Studies.

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Using UW Libraries Search to Find Books

UW Libraries Search is your starting point for finding books at the UW Libraries. In addition UW Libraries Search also includes citations to articles (often linked to fulltext). Use the options on the "Refine My Results" toolbar on the left of your search results screen. You can use these refinements to filter your results to books, by language, by library location, etc.


Advanced Search | FAQ | Known Issues

  • To search for books by keywords just enter your terms into the search box; use quotations for phrases -- for example: "motion pictures" india history 

  • To search for a book by title use quotations around the first few words of the book -- for example: "ferocious reality"

  • To search for a book by author type in the surname followed by the first name in quotes -- for example: "bean jennifer"

Subject Headings Related to Cinema

Libraries use official terminology (subject headings) created by the Library of Congress (LC) to categorize books by subject. You may want to use subject headings when ordinary keyword searching finds too many irrelevant results. Here are some examples that may be useful when searching for books related to cinema studies. You can also search for the film names or personal names (of directors, actors, etc.) to find books on specific films or people.

motion pictures
motion pictures china
motion picture industry
motion picture industry india
​motion picture plays
motion picture music
motion picture producers and directors
motion pictures reviews
african americans in motion pictures
women in motion pictures


film genres
horror films
horror films japan
comedy films
silent films
film noir
film criticism


Finding Books Beyond the UW

If you can't find the books you need at the UW or through our Summit partner libraries (Summit material can be found in UW Libraries Search), use the following catalogs. Books not available at the UW can be requested through Interlibrary Loan