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Near East: Books

Covers North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, east from the Levant throught Iran, and Central Asia, the languages of those regions, and Islam.

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This interface was developed by OCLC Worldcat, a database of catalog records from most U.S. libraries, many European libraries, Far Eastern libraries and an increasing number of libraries in the rest of the world.  UW Worldcat is different from OCLC Worldcat in that some Google searching functionality is added.  This functionality makes titles owned by the University of Washington display first on the hit list, followed by holdings from Summit, a consortium of libraries inWashington and Oregon.  Books borrowed from Summit libraries usually arrive within three days.  Holdings by all other libraries come last and inter-library loan generally takes about ten days.

Google Books

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Google has partnered with several large academic libraries to help them digitize, if not all, certainly large portions of their collections, and make the digitizations available and searchable online.  Google has also made efforts to work with publishers to put their materials online.  Many books have been scanned and are available in full text.  Google Books provides the best searching mechanism for finding information withint these books.  However, due to unresolved copyright issues, unless a reader is from one of the libraries whose book was scanned, it may be possible to see only a portion of the scan, for example, perhaps 10 pages of the books.  As time passes, this issue may be resolved.

Other Catalogs

Center for Research Libraries

The Center for Research Libraries is the equivalent to libraries of the Federal Research bank to banks.  The Center acquires materials that are too expensive for a single library to buy, houses little used materials, and collects foreign dissertations.  To limit a search to their dissertations, see:

Center for Research Libraries--Foreign Dissertations


Full text access to books, manuscripts, maps, images, periodicals, sound recordings and scores held at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.

Hathi Trust

A shared digital repository for U.S. universities.  It is still in the early stages of construction.  For more recent books, it is similar to Google Books.  For books in the public domain, including many books and journals in Arabic, Persian, and Ottoman Turkish, are available full text.


Near East E-Book Collections

Online Texts

Call Numbers for Browsing


DK845-949  History of Central Asia
DR401-741  History of Turkey
DS1-329  History of the Middle East
            DS67-79          Iraq
            DS80-90          Lebanon
            DS92-99          Syria
            DS101-151      Israel/Jews
            DS153-154      Jordan
            DS155-154      Asia Minor
            DS201-248      Arabian Peninsula
            DS251-326      Iran
            DS327-329      Central Asia
DT       History of Africa
            DT43-154        Egypt
            DT160-177      North Africa
            DT211-239      Libya
            DT241-269      Tunisia
            DT271-299      Algeria
            DT301-330      Morocco


PJ4501-5192   Hebrew
            PJ4543-4937   Language
            PJ5001-5060   Literature
                        Individual authors                               PJ5050-5060

PJ7501-8518   Arabic
            PJ1-10  Periodicals (Periodicals are on 3rd floor, separate from books)
Criticism PJ7501-7600
Collections PJ7601-7695
Individual authors       
           To 622             PJ7695.8
           622-660           PJ7698
           Umayyad period, 660-750                          PJ7700
           First Abbasid period, 750-846                     PJ7701-7741
           Second Abbasid period, 846-946                 PJ7745
           Third Abbasid period, 946-1055                  PJ7750
           Fourth Abbasid period, 1055-1258               PJ7755
           Mamluk (Mameluke) period, 1258-1517       PJ7760
           Turkish period, 1517-1800                          PJ7765
           Modern, 1801-2000                                    PJ7800-7876
           2001-                                                       PJ7900-7976
By region or country   PJ8000-8517

PK6201-6599  Modern Persian
            PK6201-6399  Language
            PK6400-6599  Literature
                        Periodicals                                      PK6401
                        History and criticism                         PK6402-6427
                        Collections                                      PK6428-6450
                        Authors to 1870                               PK6450.9-6559
                        Authors 1870-2000                          PK6561
                        Authors 2000-                                 PK6562

PK6701-6820  Afghan

PK6971-6979  Tajik language
PK6978-PK6979  Literature

PL  Turkic Languages and Turkish

         Kazakh                       PL76 or PL65.K4
         Kyrgyz                        PL44 or PL65.K5
         Uzbek                        PL56 or PL55.U8

PL101-271      Turkish Language

         PL101-200      Language
         PL201-271      Literature
         PL248             Individual authors


Google Books

Google Books