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Near East: Call Numbers

Covers North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, east from the Levant throught Iran, and Central Asia, the languages of those regions, and Islam.

Call Numbers for Browsing


DR401-741  History of Turkey
DR845-949  History of Central Asia
DS1-329  History of the Middle East
            DS67-79          Iraq
            DS80-90          Lebanon
            DS92-99          Syria
            DS101-151      Israel/Jews
            DS153-154      Jordan
            DS155-154      Asia Minor
            DS201-248      Arabian Peninsula
            DS251-326      Iran
            DS327-329      Central Asia
DT       History of Africa
            DT43-154        Egypt
            DT160-177      North Africa
            DT211-239      Libya
            DT241-269      Tunisia
            DT271-299      Algeria
            DT301-330      Morocco


PJ4501-5192   Hebrew
            PJ4543-4937   Language
            PJ5001-5060   Literature
                        Individual authors                               PJ5050-5060

PJ7501-8518   Arabic
            PJ1-10  Periodicals (Periodicals are on 3rd floor, separate from books)
Criticism PJ7501-7600
Collections PJ7601-7695
Individual authors       
           To 622             PJ7695.8
           622-660           PJ7698
           Umayyad period, 660-750                          PJ7700
           First Abbasid period, 750-846                     PJ7701-7741
           Second Abbasid period, 846-946                 PJ7745
           Third Abbasid period, 946-1055                  PJ7750
           Fourth Abbasid period, 1055-1258               PJ7755
           Mamluk (Mameluke) period, 1258-1517       PJ7760
           Turkish period, 1517-1800                          PJ7765
           Modern, 1801-2000                                    PJ7800-7876
           2001-                                                       PJ7900-7976
By region or country   PJ8000-8517

PK6201-6599  Modern Persian
            PK6201-6399  Language
            PK6400-6599  Literature
                        Periodicals                                      PK6401
                        History and criticism                         PK6402-6427
                        Collections                                      PK6428-6450
                        Authors to 1870                               PK6450.9-6559
                        Authors 1870-2000                          PK6561
                        Authors 2000-                                 PK6562

PK6701-6820  Afghan

PK6971-6979  Tajik language
PK6978-PK6979  Literature

PL  Turkic Languages and Turkish

         Kazakh                       PL76 or PL65.K4
         Kyrgyz                        PL44 or PL65.K5
         Uzbek                        PL56 or PL55.U8

PL101-271      Turkish Language

         PL101-200      Language
         PL201-271      Literature
         PL248             Individual authors