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Drama: Plays & Monologues

Drama resources including production resources, digital collections, image collections, costume resources, plays and monologues.

Acting Editions

Plays with the call number ActEd_____ are shelved together in the Drama Library in the open stacks and shelved alphabetically by the ActEd number.

Most acting editions offer a copy of the play text with more extensive stage directions than found elsewhere. If the show moved from regional theatre to New York or from Off-Broadway to Broadway you may find information on the production history for both productions. 

Information Found in Acting Editions

  • identify cast in the original production
  • identify theatre and opening dates of the first production may also include number of performances
  • information may also be provided on director, designers, and stage manager
  • character description
  • extensive description of the stage as it appeared in the original production
  • photo from the production
  • identify sound effects and may include information on sound effect recordings available
  • property list (or plot) - may give furniture and hand props by act and scene as well as list on which side of the stage to place hand props
  • light plot may include gel colors and types of lighting equipment
  • costume list for each character by act and scene
  • ground plan for each of the scene changes
  • provide notes on royalties due for any music used during the performance
  • suggestions for press advances and publicity


Collections of monologues and scenes are shelved in the Monologue Section of the Drama Library, which is next to the current periodicals and open reserves. You may browse the section and there are several indexes available. There are also a number of notebooks compiled by Drama TAs with suggestions for monologues.

Suggestions for Plays and Monologues

For plot summaries of contemporary plays, you can consult the following Samuel French Catalogue or Dramatists Play Service Catalogue.  Ask for either at the Drama Circulation Desk. 

Plays in Collections & Journals

Because the on-line system may not always identify plays appearing in collections and anthologies, the Drama Library staff provides indexing of plays. We are converting this information to a database but at present the best way to search for plays is in the card catalogue by title.

Card Catalogue Information

  • author
  • play title
  • book or magazine where the play appears
  • call number -- includes the volume and issue number on magazines
  • translator --provided on plays indexed since 1976

Full-Text Plays and Streaming Video