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Research Guides

Care and Preservation

Care, Handling, and Storage of Photographs - Quick overview from Library of Congress.

Caring for Photographs - Webinar series from Connecting to Collections Care.

Care of Photographs (PDF) - 40-page pamphlet published as part of the Safeguarding European Photographic Images for Access (SEPIA) project.

Curatorial Care of Photographic Collections (PDF) - Practical guide on preservation of all photographic types from National Park Service Museum

IPI Guide to Preservation of Digitally-Printed Photographs (PDF) - Preservation recommendations for inkjet prints, dye sublimation prints, and digital electrophotographic prints.

Photographic Negatives:  Nature and Evolution of Processes (PDF) - Overview of photographic negative processes including identification and preservation needs.

Storage Enclosures for Photographic Materials - Best practices for choosing storage materials for photographs from NEDCC.


IPI Forms of Image Deterioration - examples of common image deterioration and their causes from both traditional and digital prints.

IPI Graphics Atlas - Comprehensive site for identification of print and photographic processes.

IPI DP3:  Digital Print Preservation Portal - Identification and preservation of digital prints, includes storage recommendations.

Popular Photographic Print Processes - Images of photographic print processes from Library of Congress.

Types of Photographs - Guide from NEDCC to help identify different photographic processes, both historic and modern.


Preservation Guidelines for Digitizing Library Materials - From the Library of Congress.

Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (FADGI) - Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative including guidelines for digitizing moving images.

Minimum Digitization Capture Recommendations - From ALA's Preservation and Reformatting Section.


Organizations and Publications

Image Permanence Institute - university-based lab devoted to preservation research with particular strengths in image preservation.

George Eastman House - International Museum of Photography and Film offers resources and training for photo and film identification and preservation.