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Media & Communication Studies (MCS): Books & Reference Sources

Starting points for research relating to media and communication

Reference Databases

Search these databases for background information on your topic.

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Tips for searching for books about media and communication

Try a keyword search and add these words or phrases

  • mass media (e.g., censorship and mass media)
  • communication (e.g., professional ethics and communication)
  • journalis* (e.g., community and journalis*Tip: The asterisk operates as a wildcard, so the catolog will search for any words beginning with "journalis," such as journalism, journalist, journalistic, etc.

Browsing Books on the Shelf

The Campus Library arranges books by Library of Congress (LC) call numbers. Because media and communication are covered in many academic disciplines you will find books on these topics throughout the library.  Some of the major sections are listed here.

HM1206-HM1236 Media and Society. Propaganda. Persuasion. Public opinion.
P87-96 Communication. Mass media.
PN1993-1999 Motion Pictures.
PN4699-5650 Journalism. The periodical press, etc.
PN6700-6790 Comic books, strips, etc.