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College 101: Explore a Career

Find Information on Careers

When accessing WOIS: If accessing from off-campus, you will need a site key to access most services and create a personal account.  During open hours, contact the Campus Library for your access key, unique to either UW Bothell or Cascadia College. You can also contact your Career Center for support.

UW Libraries Search

Finding Career Resources in UW Libraries Search

Some sample keywords relating to careers, job hunting, etc:

  • Vocational Guidance
  • Vocational Interests
  • Career Development
  • Employment Forecasting
  • Job Hunting
  • Resumes Employment
  • College Students Employment
  • College Graduates Employment
  • Cover Letters
  • Employment Interviewing
  • Vocational Guidance Washington State
  • Professions Washington State
  • Americans Employment  Foreign countries
  • Employment in foreign countries

Career Guides in the Library

Find the select career and job preparation resources in the Bothell/CCC Career section on the first floor [map]: