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Geography: Maps & Statistical/Geospatial Data

Find Maps

United States & Washington State Maps

  • SimplyMap
    Create maps to illustrate a range of economic, social, and demographic factors.
  • Social Explorer
    Create maps or data tables from US Census data, 1790-2000. Maps can be printed or displayed in a slideshow.
  • City of Seattle Census 2000 Data & Maps
    Data for Census Bureau geographies and Locally Defined Areas.
  • King County Census Viewer
    View maps and tables for more than 100 community census data indicators for 77 defined places throughout King County. Data displayed at census tract or blockgroup level within each place.
  • MapStats: United States
    V iew a statistical profile of your state, county, city, congressional district, or Federal judicial district
  • Thematic Maps from American FactFinder
    The Census Bureau provides several maps online as well as an interactive tool for creating customized thematic maps from demographic and economic census data.

International Maps

Starting Points for Finding Data

UW-Supported Citation Managers

These are web-based personal citation databases and bibliography creators that allow you to import, store, and share your research citations and automatically format your bibliographies into whatever style you need (APA, MLA, Chicago, and many more). See the Choosing a Citation Manager chart for a comparison.