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Native Art, History & Culture: Rose Collection



photo of Norm and Louise Rose

Image: Louise and Norm Rose with "Raven's Journey" by Marvin Oliver.  

About the Roses

Thanks to the generous contributions of Norman Jenisch Rose, dean and vice provost of the UW Bothell from 1994-1998, and his wife Louise Rose, the Campus Library has developed a wonderful collection of Northwest Coast Indian and Alaska Native art (see the Campus Library Native Art Collection box below). The Roses have also donated a collection of books to the library (see the list to the right).

In addition to being the dean and vice provost of the UW Bothell, Norman Jenisch Rose also served for 28 years on the faculty of the UW chemistry department. He also chaired the UW Faculty Senate, was acting UW provost in 1993, and won a Distinguished Teaching Award in 1988.

Campus Library Native Art Collection

Most of the pieces in the Campus Library collection are part of the "Rose Collection." These works were selected and donated by Norman Jenisch and Louise R. Rose. The Roses have collected the work of Alaskan and Northwest Native artists for more than ten years. More recently they have begun purchasing works specifically for display in the Campus Library. The students, faculty and staff are grateful to the Roses for their continuing generosity and for the warmth and beauty that these pieces bring to our campus. To explore the collection online take the Campus Library art tour

The Norman James and Ethel Jenisch Rose Endowed Scholarship

Established in 1994, this scholarship was initially established in memory of Dr. Norman James Rose in 1994 by his wife, Ethel Jenisch Rose, and his son and daughter-in-law, Dr. Norman Jenisch Rose and Louise Rose. The scholarship serves as a tribute to Dr. Norman James Rose’s outstanding career in family medicine and public health and is specifically for UW Medical School students, particularly American Indian and Alaskan Native students, who are interested in practicing family medicine in rural areas. When Ethel Jenisch Rose died in 2003, Norman Jenisch Rose and Louise Rose decided to rename the fund to honor both parents.

One recepient of this scholarship is Jennifer E. Edwards, M.D., class of '96. Edwards is of Native Alaskan descent and has a strong interest in Alaskan Native communities. With the financial support of this scholarship, Edwards was able to focus on her studies and maintain ties with the people at home in Alaska. Edwards went on to become a family-practice physician for the Southcentral Foundation at the Alaska Native Medical Center. During this time she was also assigned to several remote Alaska Native villages (nearly two hours away by small plane) for one to two weeks at a time, two times a year. Currently, Edwards is a family practice and primary care physician at Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, Washington.

For more information about the scholarship go to:

Interested medical students should visit the UW Medicine's Financial Aid for Prospective Students page.

Rose Book Donations

The following is a selection of books donated by the Roses.